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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Workshops

Helping you get MORE out of your team

“When people differ, a knowledge of type lessens friction and eases strain. In addition it reveals the value of differences. No one has to be good at everything.”
Isabel Briggs Myers

People are incredible. They can also be incredibly complex.

In 2020, the world of work, and indeed the world itself, changed at a rate few have ever experienced.  
What does this mean for your organisation, and your team? 

Do you now have a blend of people working from home and some in the office? 
Do some team members now work from home, or remotely, some days, and in the office on others?

Do some of your team seem to be more productive when working from home and others are telling you how much they hate it? 

It is highly likely you are experiencing, and managing, team dynamics that you may not be overly familiar or comfortable with. 

In this environment how do you realise your team’s potential? 

Positive Education & Training can work with you and your team based around an interactive Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) team workshop.  

The MBTI® is the world’s most widely used personality instrument. It consists of a questionnaire and workshop designed to make psychological types understandable and useful in everyday life. MBTI® instrument results describe valuable differences between normal, healthy people – differences that can be the source of much misunderstanding and miscommunication.

It is based on the Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Jung’s (1875 – 1961) theory of the psyche. It was developed by Katharine Briggs (1875 – 1968) and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers (1897 – 1980) hoping to make Jung’s work more accessible to the general population.

Jungian theory is not about MEASURING traits of behaviours. Rather, it looks at what mental functions a person PREFERS to use. Neither choice is better than its counterpart and there is no ideal score.

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Professional interactive feedback and type verification is included and required with all MBTI results. 
This feedback session can be a group session, or a one on one Zoom session.  

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“If you don’t know what an extravert thinks, you haven’t been listening.
If you don’t know what an introvert thinks, you haven’t asked them!”
Isabel Briggs Myers