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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) Assessment Reports

The MBTI instrument is the best known and most trusted personality assessment on the market.  Far more than just personality tests, MBTI Step I and Step II provide a constructive, flexible framework that can be applied to all areas of human interaction and personal development. The MBTI profile reveals how we see and interact with the world, giving insight into our motivation and the motivation of others. This provides a strong foundation for personal growth and development, underpinning enhanced personal effectiveness.

MBTI Step I identifies personality type, made up of four basic preferences, and provides a positive framework to explain how we interact with the world and each other.
MBTI Step II drills into the detail of Step I preferences, providing insight into the unique way in which we express our personality type.

Myers-Briggs® Step ITM Reports

MBTI Step I is a powerful, versatile personality type assessment that provides the foundations for a deep understanding of personal motivations and group interactions. It can be applied to multiple personal and business issues, and revisited over time as new challenges arise. By providing multiple quality-assured insights with a single questionnaire, the MBTI assessment’s scalability and relevance to all organisational levels delivers a high return on investment.

Step I Profile Report

Your Myers-Briggs Profile is designed to help you understand your results on the MBTI assessment. This assessment identifies which of the 16 different personality types best describes you.

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Step I Personal Impact Report

Your Myers-Briggs Personal Impact Report is designed to help you make use of your MBTI reuslts so that you can better understand yourself and others and improve the interactions in your daily life and work.

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Step I Interpretive Report

Your Myers-Briggs Interpretive Report is designed to help you understand your results on the MBTI assessment. This assessment identifies which of the 16 different personality types best describes you.

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Myers-Briggs® Step IITM Reports

MBTI Step II is a Myers-Briggs questionnaire that hits at the heart of who someone is by tapping into the facets within each Step I Type preference. It can help you to understand the DNA of an individual’s personality, revealing what makes them different to others of the same Step I Type, and similar to those with a different MBTI Type. The result is a highly personalised profile and development plan that is perfect for coaching, action planning and building cohesive teams.

Step II reports can only be used after, or in conjunciton with, Step I.

Step II Profile Report

Your Myers-Briggs Step II Profile gives you information about your personality type based on your answers to the MBTI assessment. It first indicated your Step I resutls – your reported four-type letter. Next it shows your Step II results – your expression of five facets for each of the four Step I preference pairs.

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Step II Interpretive Report

Your Myers-Briggs Step II Interpretive Report is an in-depth, personliased description of your personality preferences, derived from your answers to the MBTI assessment. It includes your Step I results and your four-letter type, along with your Step II results, which show some of the unique ways your express your Step I type.

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Other Myers-Briggs® Reports

Career Report

Your Myers-Briggs Career Report applies your results from the MBTI assessment to help you identify job families and occupations that are a good fit for your reported MBTI type. The MBTI tool has been used for more than 60 years to help people become more satisfied and successful in their careers.

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Communication Style Report

Your Myers-Briggs Communication Style Report is designed to help you become aware of some important differences in communication styles. You communicate with others every day. You may not always take the time, though, to think about how your natural communication styles affects others.

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Conflict Style Report

Your Myers-Briggs Conflict Style Report uses your results on the MBTI assessment to describe how you are likely to approach and deal with conflict suituations. Most people think of conflict as a type of interaction with a negative emotional charge. Although it may appear to be triggered by a simple, straighforward issue, more often than not conflict exists because some core elements of trust, beliefs, authority, or passion is being challenged.

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Decision Making Style Report

Your Myers-Briggs Decision-Making Style Report helps you become aware of the impact of your personality preferences on your decision-making style.

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Stress Management Report

Your Myers-Briggs Stress Management Report describes how you are likely to experiecne and react to stress. It also suggests ways you can manage stress successfully.

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